#RelationshipRambles | It’s Not Easy Being Bae

I know some of you see me on Instagram, “living my best life” with my bae lmao, but here I am to tell you this best life is not easy.

You see relationships? yeah.. they are no joke.

With social media, university, long distances and so many other factors it’s looking harder and harder to keep your relationship with your partner together. But when you can make it work? Trust me, it’s real real sweet. 

There are definitely so many things that have been around longer than my relationship, e.g., Chicago West and even that Patrick meme lmao. But from what I have experienced, a relationship shouldn’t be another burden. You both cook, clean, pay and pray, and you should both always have each other’s backs.

So even though my relationship may still be in it’s “early” phase, I have learnt many things. Now with Valentines Day literally running towards us (seriously, why you coming fast?), I decided to drop some some tips to help keep your relationship happy and healthy..

1. Put & Keep God First

The love God has for us is defined as agape. Meaning that, no matter what you feel, you can never love anyone the way God loves you. The Bible even says that through Jesus you can do nothing, since everything you do flows through him (John 15:4). So how can you expect to love someone else when you don’t have God’s love in your heart, or your relationship? Keeping God alive in your relationship is key for it to be healthy. Study the bible together, pray together and more importantly pray for each other. 

2. Communicate

You can’t have a healthy relationship, or even a functioning one, without any sort of communication. Now I don’t mean just over the phone or via text, but real conversation with all distractions put away. Obviously communication doesn’t mean you won’t ever fight, but being able to talk to your partner about you feel openly is what will help you and your parter have a happy and healthy relationship.

3. Keep Doing the Small Things 

One of the main things a healthy relationship should have is mutual respect. One of the smallest, but easiest ways to do this is to remember the small things. Manners, for example, are very important and please and thank you’s go a very long way. The same respect you have for colleagues and friends is the same very respect you should show your partner. My boyfriend, for example, always says ‘Thank you’ after he’s finished dinner, even if when he cooked (but more time paid) for it. I know it seems proper weird, or unnecessary but it genuinely makes you feel appreciated. 

4. Switch Roles Now and Again

Following the same routine in a relationship can easily make things monotonous and even cause the relationship to feel like it’s not going anywhere. Ladies, try and take some of your boyfriends usual jobs like driving (IF you have a license, don’t do Fast and Furious without the qualification lmao). And boyfriends, if your girl always cooks why not surprise her by making her favourite meal? (Or Spag Bol since that’s all men seem competent enough to make). Not only does switching roles keep things interesting, but it also allows you to appreciate the things your partner does for you more.  

5. Never Go to Bed Angry 

This isn’t the easiest thing to do, but sometimes doing the logical thing is hard anyway. Let’s face it, some disagreements can’t be settled in one go and sometimes sleeping during an argument even allows for you to come to a resolution quicker. Never discuss things when you’re both tired, after all that leads to higher levels of irritation. Make an effort to take time out when you can and talk about what made you angry, things are often clearer after a bit of sleep. 

I hope these help you as much as they help me!



My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” – John 15:12.


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  1. January 21, 2019 / 9:28 pm

    This is all so accurate. Love it!

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