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Soooo, I’ve cut my hair.

After nearly two years of struggling with transitioning, I decided to just let go of the ‘length’. With my ends relaxed and my roots thick as EVER, getting my hair done was something I always hated.

Let me run you through my hair story real quick…


Sorry for the crop Daddy x

Since birth, I have always had a head full of thick, somewhat untameable hair. While beautiful to look at, I can guarantee you that the comb and I were NOT friends. Regardless, every possible hairstyle as a child, from little puffs with (painful!) hair bobbles to braids of all shapes and sizes, you name it, I had it.

Unfortunately, eventually I relaxed my hair, every six weeks (very very silly of me), and I had a TERRIBLE full fringe with leave out for almost the entirety of my secondary education (see Facebook for the throwbacks, lol). Now, at the time, I saw nothing wrong with this and I definitely enjoyed being able to be versatile with my hair, but I really experienced true versatility when I joined wig life.


I am, and will always be, a STRONG advocate for wig life but, I kid you not, when I got my first frontal wig I was so over it. I simply didn’t know how to put it on (never ever get your wig made without having it fitted on your head!), and I struggled to look after the frontal. Yet with a couple more wigs for practice, my hair now looks like it actually grows from my scalp.

Yet, I was STILL not happy with having to get my hair cornrowed. When some people did my hair, it was painful to the point where I shed a tear (yes, at my big age) and I had decided that going natural was definitely not my calling.

So on the 9th January 2018, I took any scissors I could find and cut my hair off with encouragement via FaceTime from Karen. Now it was a mess, but I regretted nothing. Until I needed to find a barber and get my hair sorted.IMG_6412

After a nervous hour in the chair, I guess the ‘surgery’ was successful and I am learning to love my hair all over again. Now, I still rock my wigs, BUT, I am so here for the shorthair.

So, here is where I will document this newfound hair journey that I am now unexpectedly on. I will keep you all updated on how and if I actually keep it up or just cut it all over again.

Wish me luck?


A Trimless S♡



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