#WhatsInTheWord | How Ruth Can Help Us Have a Better 2021

I don’t know about you all, but I absolutely love the Bible. So far, my all time favourite book of 2021. It is full of reassurance, important information and a handful of drama (better than EastEnders, I promise). But what I love the most about the bible is the life lessons that you can learn from the various people in there. 

From lessons from Joseph on forgiveness to Samson and the importance of leaving women that aren’t for you alone (please), the Bible has some real gems. So, with this in mind, after studying some books during 2019-2020, I thought it would be cool to share with you what I learned from reading these books.

So today, we’re looking at Ruth. 

I love the book of Ruth. It’s short, it’s sweet and it teaches the importance of family, loyalty and humility. In short, the book of Ruth is about two women of Moab (Ruth and Orpah) who married the sons of Naomi and Elimelech. Unfortunately, all the husbands die, and Naomi suggests that her daughters in law go back home, but Ruth stays (see Ruth 1:16-17). Ruth and Naomi move back to Bethlehem, where Ruth eventually marries Boaz (a relative of her father-in-law).

So, what does her story have to do with us?

Ruth’s story essentially teaches us how to take control of our life, even when the odds are against us. 

1. Today’s Decisions Determine Tomorrow (Ruth 2:1-2)  

When we’re down in our situations, often a lot us don’t even want to take action. We prefer to sit in our disappointment and wallow, and don’t get me wrong, there’s no issue with that – but we can’t stay there. After all Ruth and Naomi endured, she still found the strength to gather grain behind the harvesters to try and set herself and Naomi right. 

This year, no matter what hurdles life throws at you, please try to find the strength to keep going. You have no idea how well the actions you take today can affect you in days, weeks and months to come. When life gets hard, keep going. 

2. God’s Blessings are Around the Corner (Ruth 2:3)

If you didn’t know by now (even though I’m sure we all do know) God sees and knows everything. To be honest, He is in control of everything. He knows everything about us, from what we’re thinking of doing to our deepest secrets. So, it’s no doubt that God provides for us before we even knew we needed something. What seems like a coincidence is often God’s providence. 

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He placed Ruth in Boaz’s field knowing her situation and knowing Boaz’s heart, and if He can do that for her – you don’t think he can do that for you? This year, I want us to trust God more. Know that he has a plan for you and that He will meet your every need*. What He has in store for you is closer than you think, believe me. 

*Note that I said need and not desire. Sometimes the things we desire aren’t for us. It’s not everything we want we must have. 

3. The End May Be the New Beginning (Ruth 3:9)

You see 2020? It was very traumatic. However, one mantra that kept me going was “If I’m not dead, God’s not done.” I’m sure Ruth kept herself going with a very similar mantra because whew, her situation was a lot. Losing her husband, her home – it was undoubtedly a lot. However, sometimes in what seems like the most tragic of endings, a better beginning in born.

I don’t doubt that a lot of us lost things in 2020. Be it a job, a relationship or friendship, faith or even money. But my word to you is to look for the window of opportunity next to every closed door. I say this allll the time, but what’s for you will never pass you by and often time what’s for you is on the other side of what you’re scared to let go off. 

4. Don’t Think About Your Legacy, Build It (Ruth 4:13, 18-20)

Now I know that after the year we had last year, a lot of people have started loving the idea of ownership, building generational wealth and leaving a legacy. Like I said in Point 1, what you do today determines tomorrow. Due to Ruth’s faith and obedience to God and her mother-in-law, not only was she able to secure a home for herself and Naomi but she was able to have children and a create a long line of descendants (as we see from verse 18). 

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The point I am making here is that in 2021, spend a little less time thinking about doing it, and do. You know God orders your steps, so what are you waiting for? Building a spiritual foundation with God will impact your legacy in ways you can’t begin to imagine. 

If there’s anything I have learnt from Ruth, it’s that your purpose is proven when you give your life away – just like Jesus did. You never know what God can do until you give yourself to Him. 

Here’s to a more faithful 2021.

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“But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.”
Jeremiah 17:7 (NLT)

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