#What’sOnMyMind | If Not Now, Then When?

It’s October. There are three months left (as everyone on Twitter likes to remind you everyday), and you’re yet to tick off the third thing on your New Years resolutions list.

Like me, you’ve probably put your gym membership on hold and retired that diet you only started two days ago (is okkk, is okkk). However, that is definitely not the attitude needed to end this year successfully.

“Set your goals for the final quarter of the year and make small changes today. Don’t wait until January first to make a change in your life.”— MABINTOU (@MABIN2_)

With literally 92 days till New Years, it can seem a little daunting to try and make the most of it. Especially if you feel as though you haven’t made much progress over the past 9 months. However, by setting goals, taking stock of the year so far and having a positive mindset, you can make a huge difference to yourself and your goals within a matter of weeks!

While my three little tips may not be anything brand new, hopefully they’ll act as little nudges to help you reach your goals and potential now before the year ends, rather than later.

1. Prioritise Your Goals for the End of the Year

This quarter is a great time to wrap up all the things we’ve started but just never quite seem to finish. How can you know or feel like you have achieved any of your goals if you haven’t set them out yet? Often times we say we want to do “xyz”, but we never write them down or hold ourselves accountable for what we say we’re going to do. 

You must ask yourself a few questions to help you set your goals for the end of the year…

  • What do I want to achieve for the end of the year?
  • How important are these goals to me? Why do I want to achieve them?

Once you are able to answer these questions, you can then begin to start looking at what it will take you to make this goals come to life. You can start determining what behaviours you’ll need to adopt to help achieve these goals quicker. 

2. Review The Last Nine Months

We all definitely set a bunch of goals on January 1st, and during this year, you, like me and maybe a whole lot of others, may have lost sight of what you wanted to achieve and how to get there. However, sometimes to go forwards, you have to look backwards and that’s my second tip for you.

Look at what you’ve done over the last nine months and analyse how well you were at it. What did you achieve, or not achieve? What did you learn? Or what Ls did you take that you can turn into lessons? 

What went well?  Lessons don’t only come from Ls, they come from winning too. Try and see what you can apply, to help you make the most of the last three months. 

3. Celebrate Where You Are Now

What is something you’re proud of achieving this year?

The past nine months have probably been filled with lots of periods of loss and lessons but, it is likely you have done something you should be proud of. You you may not be where you want to be, but don’t be so hard on yourself. The last nine months weren’t all bad and you’re still here, ready to make an impact and change to the last three months of the year. Take stock of how far you have come and celebrate yourself because, you deserve it. 

My friend Mayfair (@_MAYFAIRN) starts her day writing down ten things she’s grateful for. How about trying to write down ten things you’re proud of achieving so far this year? (Check my Instagram, I’ll have a template up soon!)

Stop pushing back that piece of work, project saying you “don’t have time”, because if not now, when?

I hope my three little tips help you to become more productive in these last three months, so we can see 2019 out and be proud of what we’ve accomplished.



“Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.” Romans 8:18.

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