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hey my loves.. whew, it’s been a minute but I am back with a Get to know Me because the last one I did? yeah, a lot has changed.

So, I’ve whipped up something special for you – a new question tag. I feel like it’s time for you to take a closer look at the multifaceted babe behind the musings and to dive into the depths of my thoughts and emotions. Like I’ve said before, I do enjoy my small small anonymity, but I also want you guys to know who I am as a person.

1. Full Name:

Samara Abigail Martin

2. Zodiac Sign:

Aquarius – but we don’t care about that too tough ngl

3. 3 Core Values that Guide Your Life:

Authenticity: I value being true to myself, and to others as an important value my life.

Empathy: I value understanding and sharing the feelings of others, which helps me connect with people on a deeper level.

Continuous Learning: I value education and self-improvement, and I’m always eager to learn and develop new skills.

4. 3 Things You’re Passionate About:

God: Honestly God is someone I can limit my passion about – He is simply amazing.

People: I love helping people, assisting people and helping them grow into better versions of themselves.

Love: I know it sounds silly, but I love love. It’s such an amazing emotion and the action that follows that emotion is ever better. I love showing love to those around me.

5. Who are the Most Important People in Your Life and Why?

my Family, obviously

my best friend and business partner, Zee, who in this season has been so supportive and a big help to me

my accountability partner, Kheri-Ann, who honestly keeps me on track and has helped me actualise my potential

6. What’s a Recent Song You’ve Been Listening to on Repeat?

Madison Rae Ward – You Love Me So

7. Describe Three Qualities You Find Attractive in a Person:

Consideration: I love a patient and understanding person, someone who thinks of you and your needs before you even speak them, this is so attractive to me

Humour: laughter is the best, so being around someone who can make me laugh or smile daily is a bonus.

Kind: I find myself to be someone who is quite selfless, and I love someone who is also kind too, who is willing to put others before themself when needed.

8. What’s Your Favourite Way to Spend a Weekend?

Honestly? relaxing. slow weekends are the best for me, not doing too much and spending time with God and the occasional facial client.

9. Share an Inspirational Quote or Saying that Resonates with You:

“There’s nothing more pitiful to my mind that the person who wastes his life running for one thing to another, forever looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and never staying with one thing long enough to find it. No matter what your goal may be, perhaps the road to it can be found in the very thing in which you’re now engaged.”

Earl Nightingale

10. What’s the Most Memorable Place You’ve Traveled to and Why?

Jamaica for sure – it was and is my favourite country to go to because there is no place like home.

11. If You Could Have Dinner with Any Historical Figure, Who Would it Be and Why?

Jesus if I’m honest, I need to know how He handled all the things He had to deal with

12. Share a Personal Achievement or Milestone You’re Proud Of:

One of my achievements this year was launching my business’ – my facial business, The Atelier Effect, and my catering business, 21 Flavours. Both these ideas I have sat on since 2020, so the actualise them into something that people love? I am proud of that.

13. What’s Your Favorite Book and Why?

Called to Create by Jordan Rayner

14. What’s the Last Film or TV Series You Really Enjoyed Watching?

Currently watching Upload, and I absolutely love it loool. It also definitely shows me how crazy the future will be for sure.

15. Describe a Hobby or Skill You’re Currently Learning or Would Like to Learn:

I am currently learning how to be a Wholistic Mentor to be able to mentor young people under eighteen.

I would love to complete a Prince2 certificate.

16. What’s Your Dream Career or Occupation?

If I said I dreamt of work I would absolutely be lying, but my dream would be to leave an impact on the world with the things I offer/do.. whether that’s pouring into young people, or developing easy to use skincare that’s sold worldwide or even working with a charity to help empower women.. long story short, there is no limit to what I will do with God involved.

17. Share a Life Goal or Bucket List Item You’re Working Towards:

I always wanted to do 25 countries by 25 years old – and while covid played in my face, I definitely think I can do 30 by 30.. so that’s the goal!

18. Describe a Challenge You’ve Overcome and What You Learned from It:

whew, a challenge I have had to learn to overcome is not taking things personally. Sometimes things just aren’t on purpose, and it’s more so down to how I as a person interpret or accept the thing that has happened. So I’ve learned to take a pause and reflect on whether this is what the person meant, or whether it’s how I’ve taken it before I move forward with that emotion.

19. If You Could Change One Thing in the World, What Would it Be?

I would change how selfish everyone has become since Covid19.. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed it, but there is a proper shift in the air when it comes to kindness, and that’s the thing I would change.

20. What’s Your Go-To Self-Care Ritual or Activity?

my go-to self care ritual is rest.. like pure uninterrupted rest where I am able to do just nothing and focus on me. maybe the odd skincare routine or mask, but essentially just alone time is what I love.

21. Share an Important Life Lesson You’ve Learned So Far.

one of the most important lessons I’ve learned this year is to stop poorly enforcing my boundaries.. you see I talk about boundaries so so often in this blog and for good reason. but I realised I haven’t been enforcing my boundaries well which is why they aren’t being followed.

you’ll be able to read more about this in ’10 Things I Stopped Doing Since I Turned 25′ but when it comes to my boundaries.. I realised that when I say no but do it anyway, I am not enforcing my own boundaries and that needs to stop.. so it has – and I’m doing so much better because of it .

hopefully you got to know me a little better, and if there’s anything you wanna know, feel free to drop a comment or message me!



“You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.”
Matthew 5:14 NLT

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